Louise Arielle. 19. Las Vegas.
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“Your heart is a house so full of cobwebs, I can’t tell if the lights are on, or if anyone is home. It’s time to clean house. Change the locks to your front door, so you can stop hoping that they kept your key and are coming back. Throw out their old sweaters and stop buying their favorite food. This is going to hurt and you are going to suffer for it, but like battling cancer, this is a fight you will win, because you have so much to live for, without them holding you down. Climb a mountain and see how the landscape is beautiful, scars and all. Beautiful. You are brighter than the farthest stars, so shine knowing that there are no words for describing your worth. It is just common knowledge.”

How Do I Unlove You and Unwrite The Past (via thelovewhisperer)

“As girls, we will do anything for the person whom we love. We will scale buildings in the rain or run through fire if it means saving our love’s life. There is absolutely nothing more life altering that the fire burning inside of our souls for the one we want most…”

Jennifer Elisabeth (via bornreadygeneration)

Sometimes all you need is a good outfit to feel better

Sometimes all you need is a good outfit to feel better

10:32 Am

"were still young.. We have our whole lives ahead of us to be with each other."

If my whole life means it’s one whole day with you, then I’ll take that rather than living many days and nights without you.

11:46 Pm

Maybe in another world, in another universe, in another lifetime, you and I could be together and be happy.